About the photographer

About photographer Barney Brewster


The photographer, Courtville, Auckland, 1981


My enthusiasm for photography goes back to my student days, with my special interest in moonlight and night photography beginning a few years later, in 1978.

For me the attraction of photography was in making something lasting from ephemeral moments. Those moments could be mere fractions of a second or extended exposures of many minutes at night. What I found exciting about long exposures was their possibilities for creative effects, quite the opposite of the camera’s usual literalness. However long exposures are demanding, requiring slow, patient work and considerable investment in time – not to mention some denial of personal comfort, and at times even of personal safety.

While still a student I had my first solo exhibition – in a converted public toilet of picturesque construction (then called the Taj Mahal, now known as the Welsh Dragon). In the early 1980s I was sole photographer for four conservation calendars and travelled the country widely; later I was a partner in a small publishing house, Nikau Press. However my main career has been in the rare book trade.

In September 2012 I published my first photo book, Night Visions, followed by 36 Views of Mt Taranaki in 2015 (edition of 50 copies). My second book of long exposure photography, Perfect Evenings, was released in October 2017.


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