173. Night riot in green

Night riot in green. 12.39 am, 11 November 2011

I confess that the head gardener has long asked for a moonlight photo of these louts, here at home. On the wrong side of a trellis, the artichokes are shaded from the full moon until after midnight; they’re also exposed to the sickly orange of streetlights.

To fix the first problem I togged up after midnight, for the second I lowered the light balance further; on the D700 sodium is covered under a fluorescent option. Better still would have been my wife screening the plant with her person – but no, she was warmly tucked up in bed.

50mm, ISO 2000. 68 seconds at f8. Neutral picture control

172. Backlit by moonlight

Backlit by moonlight. 2.47 am, 11 November 2011

Most of us swim in the ocean of the commonplace. –  Pio Baroja

Although I’m not really satisfied with this, returning for another attempt wouldn’t deliver the same magic I first found here. While commonplace as to foliage, the light on this scene was striking, being an ethereal effect of moonlight.

The shadows come from what’s behind each blade, not what’s in front. The view was directly towards the moon, but by looking downwards the hazard of lens flare was avoided. An intermittent breeze flustered the leaves, accounting for the soft outlines. However the elegant dance of backlit luminiscence can not be adequately portrayed by a static image.

50mm, ISO 2000. 10 seconds at f4