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Perfect Evenings 2018 calendar — Sold out!

Perfect Evenings 2018 Calendar by Barney Brewster


My latest calendar is a colourful compilation from many evening forays in the great New Zealand landscape. In the same format as my previous calendars, the calendar has 13 all-new full colour landscapes.

North by Northwest 2017 calendar 


Golden Bay is one of Nelson’s lesser known gems. Away from city sprawl, SH60 seems to head west but actually goes north by northwest, to a special part of the South Island, known to the geographically challenged as the Top Left Corner. My 2017 calendar focuses on only a small area of this, on the northwest flank. Here the coast runs SW from Wharariki Beach to Kaihoka and Whanganui Inlet; from there down to Te Hapu and Paturau.

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