Perfect Evenings photo book

Perfect Evenings : The joy of long exposures photo book

 — 92 pages, 21 x 27.7cm

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Barney’s latest book, Perfect Evenings: The joy of long exposures, is now available.

Completing the long exposure work first published in his Night Visions (and in the same format), this is a new sequence of luminous landscapes from the North and South Islands. Taken by twilight, moonlight, street light and starlight, the images are colourful, highly textured and often surreal. Be enchanted, edified and entertained!

Perfect Evenings aims to instruct as well as to inspire, and an introduction covers topics such as the advantages of twilight, the full colour of moonlight, the role of celestial mechanics and opportunities offered by the passage of time. A technical section has useful advice; notes on selected photos are also provided. Although this only scratches the surface, the information is not readily available in a New Zealand context.

Perfect Evenings: The joy of long exposures - 92 pages, 21 x 27.7cm
Front cover of Perfect Evenings: The joy of long exposures – 92 pages, 21 x 27.7cm.
Perfect Evenings: The joy of long exposures photo book back cover by Barney Brewster
– Back cover


Perfect Evenings is the first New Zealand exposition on long exposure photography, now a popular pursuit overseas. A fresh take on the great NZ landscape, the book will appeal to lovers of landscape and students of design and colour, and have special interest for photographers keen to explore new avenues.

Perfect Evenings is in softcovers; 21 x 27.7cm (landscape format); 

92 pages; 75 images; 4,500 words. Edition of 100 copies only.


Perfect Evenings photo book sample pages by Barney Brewster
New book: Sample spread, pages 14-15



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