2016 Calendar pre-announcement


8646. Front cover, 2016 Calendar

With my new photo book 36 Views of Mt Taranaki to be released shortly, it seemed obvious to have our 2016 calendar feature the mountain too. Not so obvious was the decision not to use anything from the book and to turn the images into fine art monochromes – although not strictly black&white, as the image above shows. A few are B&W originals but most have been stripped of their colour data. The tones and textures of the peak lend themselves well to this treatment. I will have more news on the calendar and on the new book shortly.

One Reply to “2016 Calendar pre-announcement”

  1. Hi Barney,
    Cover looks great… looking forward to seeing the new calendar.

    Please put 3 aside for me as usual.

    Keep up the good work.

    Jeff Miles
    Perth Australia

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