Terms of use

Terms of using images from Barney Brewster / Brewster Photostock

The Terms of Use apply to images that are free or have been purchased.

For free goods, digital downloads are intended for private, non-commercial use only. Please enjoy them for your own use only. Copyright 2018 Barney Brewster. All rights explicitly reserved, except as stated above.


* make personal, non-commercial use of our images as screen backgrounds for your computers and other devices, and gift same to your friends and family likewise

* print the images for your personal use, as long as you do not sell the prints

* use the images on your personal blog, as long as you provide a link to www.brewster.co.nz on any page where an image is used

* host the images on your own server, instead of linking to the images on our server 


you may be able to use our images for:

* your business identity or non-profit organisation (such as on cards, logos, websites, etc)

* graphics for your business or non-profit organisation (illustrations, backgrounds, etc)

* book or CD covers

* other commercial purposes

For any of these uses you must purchase a licence from us for one or more images; this gives you rights of use as described in the www.brewster.co.nz licence agreement. To obtain such a licence (which is royalty-free), please contact us and tell us who you are and exactly how you’d like to use our images.

* on any website without giving credit, by providing our website address: www.brewster.co.nz

* as part of your design work, portfolio, etc

* for commercial purposes, unless you obtain a licence from us

* in web templates (such as WordPress themes, etc), apps or other web products which could be circulated, whether for free or for payment

* pass off our images as your own work.