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Screenshot from this morning, showing my new Instagram account.  So 2017! It’s all been a mystery to me but I have good help, while following other photographers on Instagram for a few weeks has been enlightening. I was surprised to see how just a few places globally get an incredible amount of attention (such as, in New Zealand: Mt Cook, Mitre Peak and the Church of the Good Shepherd), as person after person tackles the challenges of each of these touristified icons.  Yawn!

And certain scenic themes are so thoroughly covered globally that I can be certain of at least one good use for Instagram: what doesn’t appear there? In a negative sense Instagram is a photographer’s guide to fresh subject matter or original approaches, anything that virtually never features, in other words.

Of course what you get to see is all to do with which photographer or aggregator you follow, so I’m sure I have many new discoveries to look forward to.  I am keen to have my first impressions qualified!

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2017 Golden Bay Calendar

Front cover, 2017 Calendar
Front cover, 2017 Calendar

Nelson does not lack mountains – like Taranaki, it’s defined by them – but for all their beauty the region is better known for its coastline and beaches. These vary from sheltered coves to wind-prone arcs, while Nelson’s most exposed beach – Wharariki – is also its grandest. Naturally, it features on the cover of my 2017 Golden Bay calendar. I have been visiting this stunning location and the farm park regularly since 1975, and the much expanded carpark over this time reflects Wharariki’s growing fame, nationally and internationally.

My calendar title refers to only the northwest flank of Golden Bay, an area below Farewell Spit. Within this small ambit is a surprising range of landscape. The calendar aims to make the beauty of these special places better known – only a little better though, as just 200 copies have been ordered from the printer. More details will be given shortly.

Back cover, 2017 Calendar
Back cover, 2017 Calendar

NEWS: My expo banner in China

PF Pingyao 2015 Title banner

My 1980 image Shrouds was recently used on the New Zealand banner at the Pingyao International Photography Festival, a big show in which NZ photographers participated under the title: “Collective Passion – Singular Visions, PhotoForum – A New Zealand Legacy”. Over 70 NZ images were shown at the festival, which opened on 19 September at Pingyao Ancient City, Shanxi Province.

Ian McDonald, co-ordinator for the NZ show, explains that “PIP is considered the most important photography festival in China and is certainly the biggest. All the major gallery dealers and curators in China visit as well a huge influx of visitors who pack the bullet trains down from Beijing. There is a large and sophisticated tourist industry in Pingyao Ancient City, which is why the festival is so well supported by the Government. Large numbers of very keen and well informed students tour the exhibition, which takes at least two days of fairly intensive viewing.”

For more on this show:


36 Views of Mt Taranaki: Samples


Two more sample spreads, plus the back cover, of my new photo book on New Zealand’s answer to Mt Fuji in Japan. The above image is by moonlight; below, by twilight from the western edge of the city. The back cover photo is from Mohakatino, along the Mokau highway. See recent posts for further details of this new publication.



2016 Calendar: Taranaki cattle


MARCH 2016: Naked mountain, Arawhata Rd; Opunake district

In an earlier post I asked “Where are the cows?”, meaning cattle of course, as Taranaki is host to thousand of beef cattle, as well as its emblematic dairy cows. However, these two images are the only nod in their direction in my 2016 calendar – an oversight, possibly. Yet it is surprising how few herds are seen along the roadside, and a good deal of pasture is now strip-gazed, a practice lacking in pictorial charm. See previous posts for calendar details, and how to order.


NOVEMBER 2016: Cloud hugger, Manaia highway.

13 Views: 2016 Calendar samples


JULY 2016: Maude Rd moonlight, Kaimiro district

Three samples from my new calendar for 2016: 13 Views of Mt Taranaki, North Island, New Zealand. The two below are by daylight but all three aim to show the textures of the Taranaki landscape. The question remains: Where are the cows?? Their surprising absence will be rectified in another post shortly.


SEPTEMBER 2016: Tumahu, Wiremu Rd; Okato district

The two images above were taken as monochromes, and a tint added later. Many different treatments are possible. Taranaki people never tire of looking at their mountain in its changing aspects and (peekaboo) pride of place, but the challenge is to convey a sense of it within the landscape. Please see earlier posts for more details, and for news of the photo book that this calendar relates to.


OCTOBER 2016: Spring snowfall, Maude Rd

36 Views: sample spreads


14. Moonlit shroud, Kaitake foothills. Late May

My new book, 36 Views, begins with a January scene and takes us through the year to December, from around the mountain. It’s a prototype, short-run edition but I’m impressed with the printer’s efforts – and grateful for daughter Pachali’s input from Wellington. Each photo has its own spread; double click on the images for larger views.


22. Evening glow, wintry blow; Minarapa Rd, Okato. Late June

Dedicated to my mother Gwen, who received an advance copy on her 90th birthday, the book’s given me good excuse to explore many local byways and viewpoints. A short introduction is followed by a seasonal progression of views in a simple but elegant layout.. The full title locates the mountain for overseas readers: 36 Views of Mt Taranaki, North Island, New Zealand. Price $35 plus $2.50 p&p within NZ or Australia. Orders to Fifty copies only are available in this trial run.


23. The good life; Manganui Rd, Midhirst. Early July

NEWS: 49 Views of Mt Taranaki


Two productions launching at the same time! The 49 views are spread between my new photo book (36 Views of Mt Taranaki) and a 2016 calendar, 13 Views of Mt Taranaki. Both are inspired by the famous Japanese works of Hokusai (c.1830) and Hiroshige (1852 & 1858), all issued under the same title, 36 Views of Mt Fuji. These showed the noble peak from many angles and seasons.

The new book is in softcovers, 21 x 22.5cm, with white wire binding. The first edition is just 50 copies, each signed. There are 76 pages, one image to a spread. It is entirely in colour, and shows the mountain in its landscape from a variety of viewpoints and times of the day (and night!). It will appeal to anyone with strong Taranaki associations – visitors and residents alike.

Price is $35, plus $2.50 postage within New Zealand or Australia. Order 2 books for $65, all up (post-free within NZ & Australia). Sample pages will be posted soon.


My 2016 fine art calendar owes its title to its extra cover pic; there is no duplication and the 13 images are not taken from the book.The images are well textured and nicely tinted. I doubt that there has been a contemporary calendar issued in monochrome for some decades, but my subject matter carries it off.

The calendar comes with a posting envelope. Price $17.50, plus $2.50 postage. Order 2 calendars for $33, all up (post-free within NZ & Australia). Please order from me directly at and I will confirm promptly with method of payment.



2016 Calendar pre-announcement


8646. Front cover, 2016 Calendar

With my new photo book 36 Views of Mt Taranaki to be released shortly, it seemed obvious to have our 2016 calendar feature the mountain too. Not so obvious was the decision not to use anything from the book and to turn the images into fine art monochromes – although not strictly black&white, as the image above shows. A few are B&W originals but most have been stripped of their colour data. The tones and textures of the peak lend themselves well to this treatment. I will have more news on the calendar and on the new book shortly.

NEWS: New ebook / photos by BB

Pocket Book of Men's Wisdom vol 2_Page_01
Volume 2 of the Pocket Book of Men’s Wisdom has just been published; the title page is shown above. Ably compiled and produced by Hannah Samuel, the quotes are from New Zealand men in support of the mentoring organisation Big Buddy.
As with Vol 1, all the photos are mine; they showcase my daylight work as well as selections from the after-dark variety. Please click the links to take a look:
It’s a free publication (for non-commercial use), which readers are welcome to forward as they please. The first page of the body of the book is shown below.
Pocket Book of Men's Wisdom vol 2_Page_05


NEWS: New edition of ‘Night Visions’ and 2013 calendar

The new, expanded edition of my Night Visions book, developed for the library market, is now available. The new edition retails at $45, but see the new page (alongside) for further details and a special offer for personal orders, direct from the publisher.

The cover of the new edition (above) features a grove of nikau palms under a summer moon on the Golden Bay coast. The image also graces the cover of the 2013 calendar. This features 13 scenes from the book, six of which are newly included.

The calendar will retail at the same price as for 2012: $20 each, post-free within New Zealand. It is now at the printer.