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Modest Epiphanies 2019 Calendar
Modest Epiphanies 2019 back cover
Vintage New Zealand 2019 Calendar
Vintage New Zealand 2019 Calendar
Vintage New Zealand 2019 back cover

Direct from the publisher

Order your 2019 calendars now for $15 each, post-free.

Or you can order one of each, a pair for $27.50, again post-free.

Or get six mixed calendars (any ratio) for $75, all up. $12.50 each!!

Available only to NZ and Australian addresses (for Australian orders, please see below).


Something useful – and giftable
At just under 200g (7 oz), with mailing envelope within, the calendars are post-friendly. They have plenty of space for appointments and occasions, making them useful as well as attractive gifts. Small edition status means they are really boutique items, with limited retail availability.

So you have travel plans??
If you are driving or flying any time from now till the New Year, my calendars are light and easily packed. They make great gifts for your intended hosts, for family and friends, or for business associates. Or you can put them away until the holiday season and rest easy, with that little task neatly covered. Peace of mind at a good price!

AUSTRALIAN ORDERS: Single orders are available at the same price ($NZ15), but the higher postage costs to Australia add an extra $10 to the pair offer and $12.50 to the mixed-six offer. The extra postage cost will be shown when you order through Shopify.

Orders are processed during weekdays, 9am – 5pm, New Zealand time (GMT + 12 hours)

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All prices are in New Zealand dollars.

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